Monday, April 1, 2013

What a week!

Happy belated Easter!

This has been quite a week here at Eventually Cottage!

We started it out by closing on our new house last Monday!  Woo hoo!!!!  This was the home purchase that I thought would NEVER end!  We put an offer on this house right before Thanksgiving and it was just one delay after another!  It's over now...thank God!!!!

Since Monday we have been up to our eyeballs in boxes and paint!

A few days ago, I noticed that my little chickie was coughing a lot and wheezing.  Saturday night we took her to our local children's hospital.  She was admitted around 3:00 in the morning.  Her oxygen saturation levels kept dropping into the 80's (they are supposed to by 100).  After being on oxygen for a few days, she was able to come home this afternoon.  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with asthma. :(

Anyway, how was your holiday?