Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Am Thankful For...

All of you!

Did you know that ceramic tiles can be used as inexpensive dry erase boards?  Well they can!  Add some cuteness and you have a really great gift too!

Over the weekend I made these two tiles, they are designed to sit on a tabletop or shelf with a photo easel (you can find them just about anywhere, Michaels, Walmart, etc).  I did the tiles in classic fall colors.  Use a dry erase marker to write what you are thankful for, wrap it up and you have yourself a great hostess gift for Thanksgiving!

If you want one, email me at dawn@eventuallycottage.com.  They are $11 shipped just for you guys!  You can choose brown writing or orange writing.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Wedding Sign

This wedding sign is special, though!  It's for my cousin (the Marine) and his new bride!

My cousin, Nick is a new Marine and is stationed in the California desert.  Back in the spring he met Jessica and they quickly fell in love.  Over the summer they got engaged and said they were planning a 2014 wedding.  I kinda had suspicions that the distance might be tough on this new couple and that 2014 date might fly out the window.  Wouldn't ya know I was right?  Lol!

Nick and Jessica eloped on August 26th!

Best wishes guys!  xoxo

If You Can't Fly With The Big Girls...

A good friend of mine and one of my best customers tagged me in this photo on FB last week and practically begged me to make it for her!
Well you know me, always up for a challenge!  Lol!
I promised her a "version" of it, and here's what I came up with...

It's painted heirloom white, and sanded.  I also applied some black ink to the edges for a more antiqued appearance.

What do you think?

Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY "Entertainment Center"

Last week, I posted about my new faux mantle here. The mantle project was born from this project...

A few years ago, the hubs brought home a monstrous entertainment center.  I wasn't a fan of it from the get go! This past year, it seemed to start deteriorating. Broken drawers, etc. I searched and searched for something to take it's place on Craigslist. I saw plenty of pieces that I liked at different stores, but I refused to pay the outrageous prices!

So, I was sitting in the livingroom a few weeks ago and had a "lightbulb moment". I dragged the hubs to Home Depot and picked up all of the supplies to make my vision come true...sounds romantic huh?

We picked up a chunky piece of wood, that the awesome guy at the store cut in 3 pieces for us, some black brackets, some Polyshades espresso satin stain (stain with poly in it). Hubs beat up the wood purdy good with a hammer and stuff, sanded it, and stained it (2 coats).

Wella...our entertainment center alternative was done! Oh...and LOVE it!!!  Oh, and yes you can see all of the ugly cords because I still haven't found a solution for them!  But ya know what?  I'm ok with it...for now!  Lol!

I added this cute galvanized bucket that I handpainted the fleur-de-lis onto for remote controls.

I made this little block to go along with my late brother's photo.  He will always be in my heart!

I'm loving this great lantern and burlap crates that I found at Home Goods!!!

Stay tuned later this week for a cute storage solution!

So what do ya think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MacBook Air...

Ok...so I went out and bought a brand spankin' new MacBook Air a couple of weeks ago.

I ldecided on the Mac because it's supposed to provide worry free and easy usage. The fact that viruses aren't really an issue with Mac was also a HUGE selling point!

After having pc's forevah, there was a big time learning curve! Let's just say that I threatened to throw it against the wall multiple times!

Ok...moving on! Lol! I've pretty much got it figured out now. Except for the fact that I can't figure out how to print labels/business cards! Grrrrr!

I downloaded their word processing program Pages ($20) and can NOT figure it out! I have a great business card design that I'm dying to print (from Paige at Artsy Anthropology)!!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Beauty Of Nature

The hubs and I took advantage of a beautiful fall day yesterday and decided to take a walk at this gorgeous place!

It's the Croton Dam in the little town that I grew up in! It's also the place where my guy asked me to marry him on July 4th, 1992! Aww!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wedding Sign

One of my favorite signs to do are my wedding signs. Each of them has their own "personality". I like to tailor them to each individual couple with colors, names, dates, and special quotes or lyrics.

For this particular sign, the customer wanted neutral colors and a formal style. I kinda like it, I hope the happy couple does!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey guys! I have a little secret for you!

I'm giving this little cutie away to one lucky winner over at Vintage Sunshine!

Get over there and check it out ASAP!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

Happy Tuesday!

Have you guys gotten into Pinterest yet?  I'm totally addicted to it!  It is a really awesome source of inspiration for all things DIY!

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Jenn (in the middle)...
...texted me this picture that she found on Pinterest...

  She basically said, 'I want it, and I know you can make it!'  Well, I'm always up for a challenge, so why not!  

Jenn wanted to use chocolate brown, mocha, and a grayish blue for her signs.  This is my version...
What do you think???

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Cuties

Here are this year's Halloween cuties from Eventually Cottage!


8" pine shelf block
$15 + $4 shipping

Double Bubble Toil and Trouble

2"x8" pine shelf block
$10 + $3 shipping

Yes...I Can Drive A Stick

8" pine shelf block
Pick your color combo!
$15 + $4 shipping

Contact me with your Paypal email address at dawn@Eventuallycottage.com if interested in any of these guys!

Sassy Witch

Yes...I can drive a stick!

When I posted this sassy little witch on my FB page last week, she quickly became super popular! She's also listed in my Etsy shop!

I got requests to make her in lots of different colors!

"Witch" is your fav?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

15% OFF!

Happy Sunday!

Head on over to my Etsy shop and use Coupon Code BLOGLUV for 15% off today only!

Ornament Swap

Hey y'all!

I know it's early to start thinking about Christmas (don't hate me), but I'm thinking about organizing a little handcrafted ornament swap.

Let me know if you might be interested! If I get a good response I'll put out a formal post about it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Multiple Purse-onalities

Are you like me (please tell me you are) and have multiple purse-onalities???

What the heck am I talking about? The fact that I am never happy with my purses! I like so many different kinds of purses!

Ok, I'm addicted to handbags! I can't help myself! I always find a new one that I LOVE!

One day I like using a cross body type and carrying only my wallet, keys, iPhone and some lipgloss...

Other days the cross bodies piss me off because I am struggling to get stuff in and out of them!

Some days I like tailored looking bags...

Other days I like big, slouchy bags...

I'm starting to think I may have a problem! (;

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Don't let anyone EVER dull your SPARKLE!

What a great phrase for ANYONE  to keep in mind!

This cute shelf block was originally designed as a gift encouraging a young woman starting her teaching career!  

I loved it so much that I decided to add it to the shop.  However, Etsy doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me and keeps rejecting my photos!  Grrr!

Sooo I'm offering it to you guys with a special deal!

This shelf block is a 6" square and is crafted of pine.  It is painted a pretty, berry pink (although I can customize the color for you).  I've added tiny rhinestones to the word SPARKLE...of course!

I was going to list it on Etsy for $12 plus $4 shipping.  You guys can have it for $12 SHIPPED!!!  What????!!!!

All ya gotta do is email me at dawn@eventuallycottage.com!

My New Faux Mantle

Happy "hump" day!

There's been a lot going on here at Eventually Cottage!  The hubs and I have been making some small changes in our living room!

Even though our house was built in the 1850's, it lacks a fireplace.  Boo!  That didn't stop me though!  I was bound and determined to have a thick, chunky mantle like the ones that I've seen all over bloggy land!

The hubs and I made a run to Home Depot and picked up a chuck piece of wood that was 12 feet long.  It was only $18!!!  The guys at the HD cut it into 3 4 foot sections for us.  

Hubs beat the wood up pretty bad with hammer and stuff so that I could have the rustic look that I wanted.  He then applied some Polyshades in Espresso Satin (it took 2 coats).

Once the new mantle was up, I added some of my fav pieces! 

The other 2 pieces of wood were used for our DIY entertainment center alternative.  Stay tuned for that!

So what's been going on at your cottages?

Do You Barter?

Hey!  Happy October y'all!!!

You may have noticed that my lil ol' blog got a cute new look recently!  The awesome mind behind the cute new design is my new friend, Paige, from Artsy Anthropology!  

I knew that I wanted a new look now that I was getting into blogging again...yay!  I didn't have money in the budget to pay for a new design.  So, I put a post up on Instagram asking if anyone was interested in bartering.  A cute new blog design for a custom sign from Eventually Cottage.  Paige quickly replied that she was interested!  I knew her previously because she makes the cutest little keychain purses.  I've bought several for my daughter and her friends.  They are sooo cute!!!

I had no idea that Paige had also started dabbling in blog design!  This was like a match made in heaven!  Lol!

Paige worked hard to make sure that I got the design that I dreamed of.  I wanted to be sure that she got what she wanted in return.  She had requested a sign inspired by her shop.  This is what I came up with!

So, don't rule out bartering in the future!  You may be pleasantly surprised!!!

Do me a fav and visit Paige and tell her "hey"!