Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY "Tree Skirt"

Deck the halls with....wooden crates!


Yup! That's what we did here at Eventually Cottage this year!

I love the look of beautiful Christmas trees with beautiful tree skirts. I've tried those beautiful tree skirts...many times. With 4 dogs, and 2 cats it.just.never.worked.out! All those beautiful tree skirts ever did was frustrate me!

So when I was searching Pinterest (shocking, I know) I found this pic and a lightbulb went off in my little head!

I dragged the hubs to Michaels with me. We picked up two unfinished wood crates like these...

The tree stand obviously didn't fit in just one so we took a side off of each crate. The hubs then stained the crates.

We picked up Betsy (the tree), and slid the crates under her stand.

I didn't like the way you could see the handles, so I made this sign to attach to the front. It covers them up nicely!

So whatcha think?

I'm also offering the sign for sale in case you want one like mine! It's 4"x18", painted a pretty off white, sanded, and stained for a rustic look. It'll be $18 plus $6 shipping. Email me at if you want one!

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  1. Whoa! I haven't been on pinterest much with the move.. but I am LOVING this! That looks amazing and is SUCH a great idea!! Not sure if I'll be able to do it this year because of the craziness.. but I really want to do this!

  2. love this !!! great idea.... i actually turned a laundry basket over and drapped a table cloth on it for my fake pre lit tree. christmas is just the best it still makes me smile every time i walk in the room. maybe i will take some inspiration from this post and make something for next year. new follower here from :)


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