Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh Sandy!

As you all know, my beloved East Coast sustained a direct hit from Hurricane/ Super Storm/ Frankenstorm Sandy this past Monday and Tuesday.

While my family was personally lucky that we didn't suffer any damage from the storm, so many in our area were not so lucky.  The tragedy that continues to unfold from this Super Storm is absolutely heart-breaking.

Life is beginning to regain normalcy around here slowly but surely.  Power is coming back on a little bit at a time.  Our schools finally opened up today for the first time in a week.

I took some pics before the storm...

This is my favorite walking spot on the Hudson River the morning before Sandy hit.

This is Croton Point Park before Sandy.

I also took some pics from after the storm...

Here's my favorite walking spot again, with a boat in the middle of it!

See this boat on the train tracks?

And this guy definitely doesn't belong next to the bath house!

But check this one out!  This huge boat is more than a mile north of the yacht club it was moored at!  It's hanging with the freight trains for now!

If you've hung out here with my for a while, you know that our family takes an annual vacation to Lavallette on the Jersey Shore.  Well, our beloved vacation spot suffered enormous devastation from Sandy.  The beautiful beach that we have enjoyed for 15 years looks like a war zone.  Many of the gorgeous little beach cottages were washed clear to the other side of the island!  

My daughter was watching news footage and freeze framed it until she found the cottage that we stay in every year.  It is still standing, but it makes me sick to my stomach to think of what it looks like in person. 

Please keep New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut in your thoughts and prayers as they attempt to recover from this tragic storm.


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