Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do You Barter?

Hey!  Happy October y'all!!!

You may have noticed that my lil ol' blog got a cute new look recently!  The awesome mind behind the cute new design is my new friend, Paige, from Artsy Anthropology!  

I knew that I wanted a new look now that I was getting into blogging again...yay!  I didn't have money in the budget to pay for a new design.  So, I put a post up on Instagram asking if anyone was interested in bartering.  A cute new blog design for a custom sign from Eventually Cottage.  Paige quickly replied that she was interested!  I knew her previously because she makes the cutest little keychain purses.  I've bought several for my daughter and her friends.  They are sooo cute!!!

I had no idea that Paige had also started dabbling in blog design!  This was like a match made in heaven!  Lol!

Paige worked hard to make sure that I got the design that I dreamed of.  I wanted to be sure that she got what she wanted in return.  She had requested a sign inspired by her shop.  This is what I came up with!

So, don't rule out bartering in the future!  You may be pleasantly surprised!!!

Do me a fav and visit Paige and tell her "hey"!


  1. I love bartering and think it's such a cool way to get and to give.

    Personally, I barter our farm fresh eggs to someone who may grow something in there garden that I didn't grow.

    I think trading skills and goods is awesome!

  2. If you're in the mood to do some more bartering, I'd LOVE to do a blog post on your shop, multiple facebook shoutouts, and give you free advertising for a few months for some of those AWESOME blocks you did for Vintage Sunshine!! I'm your newest fan!
    There's No Place Like Home


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