Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY "Entertainment Center"

Last week, I posted about my new faux mantle here. The mantle project was born from this project...

A few years ago, the hubs brought home a monstrous entertainment center.  I wasn't a fan of it from the get go! This past year, it seemed to start deteriorating. Broken drawers, etc. I searched and searched for something to take it's place on Craigslist. I saw plenty of pieces that I liked at different stores, but I refused to pay the outrageous prices!

So, I was sitting in the livingroom a few weeks ago and had a "lightbulb moment". I dragged the hubs to Home Depot and picked up all of the supplies to make my vision come true...sounds romantic huh?

We picked up a chunky piece of wood, that the awesome guy at the store cut in 3 pieces for us, some black brackets, some Polyshades espresso satin stain (stain with poly in it). Hubs beat up the wood purdy good with a hammer and stuff, sanded it, and stained it (2 coats).

Wella...our entertainment center alternative was done! Oh...and LOVE it!!!  Oh, and yes you can see all of the ugly cords because I still haven't found a solution for them!  But ya know what?  I'm ok with it...for now!  Lol!

I added this cute galvanized bucket that I handpainted the fleur-de-lis onto for remote controls.

I made this little block to go along with my late brother's photo.  He will always be in my heart!

I'm loving this great lantern and burlap crates that I found at Home Goods!!!

Stay tuned later this week for a cute storage solution!

So what do ya think?


  1. Great project! Love the sentimental touch for your brother!

  2. Dawn, it looks awesome! I love those shelves! What about a fabric cover for the cords? Like you see on hanging lamps. Maybe with velcro on it so they are easily accessible.

  3. Love it! Such a great solution. Weathering the boards is a beautiful touch!


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