Monday, September 17, 2012

Weight Loss....ugh! like many of you...I struggle with my weight!

I have since my first pregnancy.
This January I decided enough was enough! If I didn't get a freaking handle on this, I'd be dead!

So...I started seeing a doctor that specializes in weight loss. He gave me an appetite suppressant to take before each meal, a metabolism booster, a water pill, and a potassium pill. Oh, and an 800 calorie/day diet...ugh! I ended up losing just about 20lbs in the first month.

Here's a pic that was taken the first weekend in February...OMG...this is so freaking embarrassing...

I've now lost just under 60lbs...having trouble getting over the 60lb mark! Grrrr!

This pic was taken just last weekend...quite a difference! My sister- in- law and my cousin's wife have been doing great with their weight loss too...I hate them! Hahaha! for my protein shake breakfast! Yay!

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