Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tattoos and piercings!

I posted this pic last week because I thought it was awesome!

I have a tattoo AND a nose piercing! Bet ya didn't know that!

I don't seem like the type, right? That's why I love them! I love to keep people guessing and throwing them off a bit! Haha!

I got my nose pierced about three years ago. A few months later my nose ring fell out and for some reason, couldn't get one back in. I missed my nose ring, though!

When my little chickie asked me in June if she could get her nose pierced, my response was "of course"! The wheels started turning in my head, and I knew that I would be a support to her and get mine done first to show her it was no biggie!

So there ya have it, my re-piercing!

I also got my first tattoo in June, just after my 40th birthday. I had been wanting one for a looong time!

I designed my tattoo in memory of my younger brother, Tommy. He died 7 years ago after a long battle with Lymphoma. When he passed, my little chickie was only 8 years old. To signify his new home in Heaven, I told her that when she looks into the night's sky he would be the brightest star she sees!

So, this is the design that I came up with!

Angel's wings for my bother, the Angel, and the star is a symbol of his home in Heaven (purple is my fav color). It's on my inner right calf so that I can see it all the time!

P.S. this post was inspired by one done last week by Chelsea from Sunny With A Chance Of Sprinkles! Check out her tats...I love them!

So, how about you? Any tattoos or piercings? Any story behind them?


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  1. I don't have any tattoos but I have thought about getting one for a long time. I want to get one to honor both of my grandpa's that passed away last year. But then I thought, "would I have to add a tattoo every time a loved one passed?" and so that made me not do it...

    eventually, perhaps I will get one. I love that you got a tattoo that is really symbolic to you and your family. :)gina

  2. Strange. I was always interested in the Color purple... for the fact that its my favorite color, for the fact that I see it when I know I'm doing something right but offkey... and for the sole purpose of my own spiritual growth as not a good or bad person... but an unorthodox healer. My mother always told me.. while I was so small and so young, still lost in curiousity... that I'm the dark angel with wings. Shedding light and blessing those in need of lessons. I took on both colors of Blue for Healing, and Red for Destroying... and made their catalyst brother, Purple for Purifying. This is VERY interesting. =) I now have the Purple star resting on my middle finger... for various reasons. Of course one being a bit mischevious. =P I also have the sign and cross of Lorraine on my outer bicep. Just thought I should tell you. See Heaven for what it is, and you will receive it once you help it grow. Do not see your own Hell, or it will always come back 10 fold with each time.

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