Monday, September 24, 2012

Retro Gift Bucket

Hey guys!

This past Friday was my Daddy's 65th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!

I always struggle with gift ideas for my parents. There isn't really anything that they want or need!

I know that my Dad loves a particular black licorice (eww) that I get him at Cracker Barrel.

When I was in there last week picking some up, I got the idea to put together a "retro gift basket"!

I love all of the old time candy that they sell at Cracker Barrel!

I picked up some gum that I know he likes, the famous licorice (eww), some moon pies, candy buttons, and some other cute retro candy!

I also threw in this little game that the hubs and I always like to play when we eat there.

I didn't have a basket to put the goodies in, but I had a cute little galvanized bucket!!!! I had previously painted something on the bucket that I wasn't crazy about, so I printed out a big black oval with my Silhouette Cameo and Poppy (that's what my kiddos call him) in white!!! Ta da!!!

He loved it!!!

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