Thursday, September 15, 2011

Martha Stewart Paints...{love}

Hey chickies!

Have you all heard about Martha Stewart's new line of craft paints??? No??? Oh my gosh! You have GOT to get to Michaels and check it out! I swear I hear angels singing when I enter that isle! No, really! I swear!

This awesome craft paint is good for any surface and for indoor or outdoor! 

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I knew that I wanted to do a "hot" pink canvas with a black chandelier, so I picked up Martha Stewart Goji Berry.  It's a beautiful berry pink.

While I was at Michaels, I also picked up some adorable chunky 6"x6" canvases.  I've been wanting to get some of these canvases for a while, but they are really EXPENSIVE!  But today they had a 4 pack of them for what they usually sell just one for!  SCORE!

I used a sponge brush and slapped some of my Goji Berry paint onto the canvas.  I didn't really care too much if it was a little light in some spots because I knew I was going to sand the entire piece when I was done.  Oh...don't forget to paint your chunky sides!

Once my canvas was dry, I took the chandelier stencil that I printed with my Silhouette and placed it on my canvas.  I made sure I had it down there good, I didn't want paint paint sneaking under the stencil.

Now that I had my stencil on,  I took a sponge brush and just brushed the black paint on.  Again, no need to be perfect!

Important- wait for your black paint to dry thoroughly before you remove the stencil!

With everything nice and dry, I took some sandpaper and sanded the entire piece.  I sanded it lightly in some spots and heavy in other spots like the edges.

I sprayed some clear coat on to protect my piece and then added some rhinestones for extra bling.

I love love love the way the finished piece turned out!  It almost looks like faded, worn pink jeans!


I added this piece to my Etsy shop this afternoon and I'm sure it won't last long!  If you're interested in it, email me at dawn{dot}fergusonrinaldi{at}yahoo{dot}com.  It's $14.00 plus $6.00 shipping!

Later gators!!! xoxo

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