Friday, June 10, 2011

Have you PINNED lately?

Hey gang!

How is everybody doing?

I apologize for not being around I hide my head in shame.
I have no excuse...just being a slacker!  Hee hee!

Anyway...George's last day as a Junior in High School is today...yikes!  Josie has one more week of finals and then she graduates from 8th grade!  Double yikes!!!!  It's amazing how fast they've grown...and yet I'm still 21!  Amazing right?  Wink wink! I mentioned in my last post...a hundred million years ago...I had gotten tix to take Josie, her bff, and my niece to a musical festival that a local radio station was having.  The festival was this past weekend and it was sooo much fun!

I got to see Jordan Knight from NKOTB in concert for the first time since I was 15!!!  I know that was only like 6 years ago but still...hee hee!  The girls didn't quite share my excitement over his appearance, but there were plenty of other acts for them to enjoy! other news...I've recently developed a new online obsession!  PINTEREST!!!!

Oh my goodness do I LURVE this site!  If you are ever lacking inspiration...I know that never happens to you creative chickies, but in case it ever does...head on over and check out Pinterest!  You can find any sort of awesomeness you can ever imagine!

I've described to my hubby...although I doubt he was paying an online bullletin board where you can pin up anything that suits your fancy on a board for other peeps to enjoy.  It's so much fun!

K...gotta go to you chickies later!


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  1. Thanks for following me on twitter! I'm a fan of Pinterest too! You should check out the about page on Pinterest to get a "follow me on Pinterest" button on your blog. I just added one to mine and it's super easy!


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