Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Home...


You may have noticed recently that I've been sharing a lot of my new creations with you. 

For some reason it just hasn't sat well with me.  I was torn between sharing my creations with you and keeping this blog for what I originally meant it here at Eventually Cottage and our adventures turning this cottage into our home.

So...I have created a brand new blog meant just for sharing with you!  It will give you an easy way to view the items that I have to offer, and an easy way for you to contact me for custom pieces. 

As this new blog grows, I hope it will become more interactive (I have a few things up my sleeve).

There isn't much up on there yet, but there will be before you know it.  I hope you'll stop over, check it out in the coming days, and maybe become a follower.

Check back every day, because there may be a cute little giveaway coming your way when you least expect it!  Wink, wink!

Thanks so much for your support!  You guys are the greatest!


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