Friday, November 5, 2010

Frugalicious Friday Giveaway!!!!

I totally teased you guys yesterday (hee hee Robin), but here it is!

I'm offering the sign below as a giveaway at Finding Fabulous' Frugalicious Friday!

Say that three times fast... I dare ya!  Hee hee!

This sign is 100% handpainted and rivals anything you will see in the most popular home decor magazines and catalogs!  It is sanded, stained, and "aged to perfection"!

This particular sign is done in the year 1993, because that's the year that Prince Charming and I were married.  However, it can be done in any year that you choose!

Head over and see the total fabulousness going on at Finding Fabulous!!!!


  1. Hey, that's the year I was married too! I think that's a "sign" that I'm gonna win!!!! hehe

  2. Beautiful sign! I love the Roman numerals.

  3. Dawn it's beautiful! Such a great job! Your not just a tease - - your also talented (maybe you should change your name to TT! LOL)


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