Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby's Birthday Bench

Ok, say that 3 times fast... I dare ya!

Hee hee!

My cousin's baby girl is about to turn 1!

I made her this little bench for her birthday.

For those of you that don't know the bench story, I'll fill ya in!

When we were growing up, our Grandfather made each of his grandkids little benches with our names on them.  We all still have them as a matter of fact!  Hmmm...actually, I think I need to take mine out of the attic and get a pic of it for ya!

Grandpa is no longer with us.  He passed away when I was execting Josie.  So, he only got to see two of his greatgrandchildren.

As my cousins started having their own children, I decided to carry on the tradition and create benches for all of the kids on their 1st birthdays.  They are a hit with the kiddos, but more so with my cousins and that makes me very happy.

Whoo!  Ok, as I wipe the tears from my eyes...let's carry on!

Hee hee!

I also had to show you this little t-shirt that I picked up for Kaitlyn in Wallyworld. 

How "wickedly cute" is that????

And...because I can't just wrap a gift like a normal person, I need to make a project out of ya go!

I took a basic brown paper gift bag and printed out a K in pink vinyl and slapped it on the front of the bag.  A little pretty pink tulle for both pieces and we are ready for gift giving!

Have a great weekend guys!

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