Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Help A Sister Out... again! Hee hee!

Ok, so I have 4 more days until the big craft show!!!

This is the first show that I have done in years... cuz we don't have too many of them around here, sadly!

I'm super nervous and super excited at the same time.

I've been busy as a bee trying to get as much inventory done as I can before the big day. 

Thank goodness I've had Prince Charming and Josie to help out.

I'm kinda all over the place with ideas for my display.

That's where you guys come in!

Oh, you didn't know I was gonna put you to work, huh?  Hee hee!

What I'd love for you guys to do is to share with me display tips that have worked for you in the past, or ideas that you've seen at shows that you've been to.

I can't wait to see the ideas and tips that you guys have!!!!

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