Thursday, September 23, 2010

Craft Show Update and Lessons Learned

Good Thursday morning all!

I wanted to take a quick moment to give an update on the Craft Show that I did this past weekend.

All in all, I would call it a success.

I have to take into consideration that the event was very poorly advertised, and was advertised as a flea market.  Ugh!

It was an absolutely beautiful day, but people were just not coming out.  Those who did were primarily looking for flea market type deals.

However, I would say that about 90% of the people who purchased items did so from me.  Yay!!!!

People loved my signs and other items.  I was very thrilled!!!

I haven't done a show in several years, so there were some lessons that I learned.  I thought I'd pass them along.

1.  If you have a vertical display, make extra special sure that it is stable and will not get blown over!!!  Grrr!

2.  Make sure you have business cards!  This dummy forgot to bring business cards!  Ahhh!!!!  Although all of my items have a label on the back with my shop name and my email address, there were a lot of people that asked for cards.

3.  Don't get down in the dumps if sales are slow.  Just take it as a learning experience!

Now, I'm pumped to do another show!!!!


  1. Congratulations, Dawn! That's so exciting to be part of a craft show. Great tips. I do think that as busy as you are in preparing for a show, it's natural to forget a detail like business cards. Oh, well. There's always next time. Wishing you another great show the next time!

  2. with it right next to a cemetery, weren't people just dying to get there....ok, bad joke.....and I'm sorry it wasn't well attended....good reminders!

  3. Hi Dawn, I don't know if your remember, I was Jodi from Mouse Tales, I had to delete my blog, my computer crashed last year! I am back and hoping to be better than ever! Great job on the craft fair! I am participating in my first one in November, I am very excited! Great Blog!!!!

  4. How exciting Dawn! I'm not surprised you did so well, your signs are just beautiful and very unique. Great job!

  5. That's great you did well! Good luck with the next one! :)

  6. You should be thrilled but not surprised! I would have too they're gorgeous!


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