Monday, August 30, 2010

Speical Signs

Holy moly it's HOT here in NY! 

We had a hint of fall last week, unfortunatley it was short lived!

Anyway, I mentioned the other day that I had been squeezing some custom signs into my schedule.  So I figured I'd show you a couple.

This first one was a special request from my Sister-in-Law.  She wanted a special sign for her best friend's Bridal Shower.

I suggested we add a lyric from their wedding song, which is a Keith Urban song.

I think it came out sooo cute!!!!

The second sign is a gift for a co-worker of mine.  She welcomed her 2nd child, a son, at the beginning of the month... 4 weeks early. 

Little guy wasn't doing so well.  He battled pneumonia and is still battling blood clots at his tiny size!

I thought this sign was appropriate for this little miracle!  My co-worker, Dana, loved it too!!!!

The good news is that little Aiden came home from the hospital this past Friday!!!!  Yay!!!!

Have a great week!!!

P.S. I'm linking up to Craftomaniac...check out the other crafty chicks!!!!


  1. What great news about little Aiden! I'm sure your signs are much appreicated and loved!

  2. Your signs are lovely Dawn and would make wonderful gifts. xx


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