Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Junk" Baskets

A while ago I saw this idea over at Right At Home, and thought it was the answer to my prayers! 

Well, not really, but the answer to an annoying problem anyway!

My teenagers have a horrible habit of leaving trails of their stuff all over the house.  Each day when I clean up, I put whatever needs to go upstairs on the stairs in hopes that they will get the hint. 

Well, it doesn't always work out that way.

What I usually end up with by the end of the day are 2 different piles of stuff overflowing on the stairs!

This irritates me to no end, as I hate the sight of clutter! 

So this past weekend, hubby and I were at The Christmas Tree Shop and I saw these really cool baskets!

 They are made of recycled magazines!!!!

How cool is that???

They were only $3.99 too! 

So, I thought I could spray paint them and add come cute tags.  That way the piles on the stairs won't look so messy!

I added just a teensy bit of leopard print paper... cute, right?

What do you think?


  1. Love them, Dawn! What a cute solution!


  2. Great answer to clutter. I love the numbers. A designated number per child.

  3. I love how they turned out! Great job!

  4. awesome!! you sound like someone like me!! INNOVATIVE;) and creative!! I looove the baskets and the tags!! woot woot for you!!

  5. by the way- how did you get this comment above this 'comment box" ... can i do that on my blogger dash board??

  6. I have that same problem with our 3 girls. Stuff left everywhere! Like you I put their stuff on the stairs with the same hopes as you...there the stuff sits until I take it up. I even have a stair step basket...still doesn't work, just keeps the stuff in one spot on the stairs. Your baskets are cute and the labels you made are way cool! Good luck with this new technique, hope it works for you!

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