Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ok, so I don't usually come on here and rave about products.  However, when I come across something that is simply amazing, I feel the need to share with my buds here!  Hee hee!

The Prince and I were wandering through Walmart the other day and came across the InStyler.  He said, "isn't that that thing you want?"

Shocked and amazed that he actually had at some point paid attention to what I said, I replied, "yes, yes it is!"

He suggested that I get it while we were there.  I had been watching the info-mercials and wanting this gadget for a while now, but didn't feel that I could justify the cost. 

Well, his suggestion what justification enough for me!!!  Hee hee!

So I tried this amazing gadget out this afternoon, and OH MY GOSH!!!!  It actually did what it promised to do!!!!

I have very difficult hair, that drives me nutso!  It's very think, coarse and wavy.  I have spent the better part of my adult life trying to find a product that made it easy for me to control this hair!  I think I've found it!!!!

Seriously, if you have an opportunity to purchase this product, I definitely suggest you do so!!!

Check it out in the Amazon doo-hickey on the right!


  1. i didnt know what it was so i looked it up on google. that is just too cool. you need to post a before and after picture. that would be so neat.

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