Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are You Kidding Me???

The other day, the Prince and I were sitting outside on the deck.  I commented that the Hostas looked incredible around the big tree (I have no idea the name of the tree) in our yard.

Today, I came outside to find this:

Apparently, Daisy and Cody were playing with a tennis ball and said ball ended up in my Hostas!!!!


'Til next year beautiful Hostas...sob sob.


  1. Oh no! Hostas are great though I know my kids always do a number on mine but they always come back and recover.

  2. Oh how disappointing Dawn! Lucky they can bounce back well! ; )

  3. Oh No! Go get your sissors and clip the damaged leaves. They should grow back this year.

  4. Hostas are my favorite ground cover. They will come back and thrive. I love that there are so many different varieties of them as well. They make everything look lush and green.

  5. Oh no! They will come back though, hostas are hardy plants!
    I was out planting yesterday and just after I planted a few white vinca on the side of our steps, my hubby let our little dog out. He wrapped the leash around them somehow and pulled them right out of the ground. I replanted them so hopefully they survive!


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