Friday, April 9, 2010

Where do you create???

Tell me about your creative space.

In our home, we barely have enough space for the 4 humans and 4 furry babies that live there.  Hee hee!

Because of this, I end up having my crafting materials and supplies spread out in just about every available space there is in closets, cabinets, dresser drawers, etc. 

When I actually get into a project it gets spread out ALL over the kitchen.  And I mean ALL over!  The table, the counters, the floors... hee hee!!!

I have been despirately craving a space where I can do my "thang" and not have my mess spread out all over the stinkin' place!

I had mentioned last year that the Prince and I decided we would take one of the 2 storage sheds in our yard and turn it into a workshop for me.  Now, mind you, these storage sheds are not the aluminum type you would buy at Home Depot.  These are small houses!  Both have certificates of occupancy.  No lie!!

Any-hoo... my workspace... my dream come true (hee hee)... will be ready by the end of next week!!!  Woo hoo!

We've started moving my supplies out of the house and into the workshop.  We are just waiting for my cousin to finish up the electrical work in there.

I'm so excited!  Stay tuned for pics of the new home of Eventually Cottage Creations!!!

Enjoy your weeekend!!!


  1. Dawn, that is so awesome! I'm happy for you because I know how creative you are. It's great having a working area that's all yours. I can't wait to see the pictures!! Sadly, all I have is the kitchen table!


  2. How exciting, Dawn! I can't wait to see yours! My husband is so kindly working on my "cottage" also! I think it's pretty self serving as he wants me out of HIS garage! Isn't this fun! I'm looking forward to your pictures...

  3. Good for you! My craft table and computer area is in our guest bedroom. We were going to get an outside building just for me a few years ago before my son was born, but we never did. I am so excited to see yours!

  4. I have an unusually large laundry room so I shoved a desk in there, and a sewing table. So I can wash clothes and create at the same time... HA, as if that would actually happen! Can't wait to see your space!


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