Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Hurricane????

Here in NY we are dealing with a 2 day Nor'Easter storm. The media is calling it a Snow Hurricane.

A what???

I have never heard of a snow hurricane before!

This storm is very wierd, though! Last night it was pouring rain here. Literally pouring!!! I ventured out to the next town over to get some milk and they had several inches of snow!!!

So... I thought we might escape the brunt of the snow. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to take the puppy out (yup a new puppy, I'll post about that later), and it was like a winter wonderland out there!!!! There was a ton of snow!

We are expecting another 6-12 inches during the day today and the storm should clear out of here sometime tomorrow.

I took a pic of Abby and Daisy playing the snow this morning with my Blackberry, but it won't upload. They are loving it! The puppy, not so much!!!

I'm wondering how my other NY buddies are doing. Hope you are all fairing well!!!

Stay warm out there. Remember Spring is right around the corner! I actually saw some crocusses trying to poke through the ground the other day!!!! Yay!!!


  1. The snow is crazy right now! We are in central NY and the kids have had two snow days now. We are at about 7 inches right now and it's still snowing. Not terribly hard, but definitely snowing. Ugh! Oh, and our cat doesn't like it very much either. ;)

  2. The storm has passed here, we had about 18 inches of wet heavy snow. This is out first big storm of the year so we can't complain.

  3. So nice to find a blog of a mom with older children, who also loves to tweak her nest. Thanks for blogging. My eldest is 14. My house is not quite as old as yours though. I'm gearing up to fluff our nest and having fun getting ready. Just posted before and afters, the first go around. Now on to our second. So sorry to hear of your recent losses.
    My condolences,
    Dana from Northern Canada (who's never heard of a snow hurricane either)

  4. Ha! I saw that on the Msn webpage and thought the same thing. What the heck is that!? Good luck with that! I hope it sounds worse than it is.
    Be safe! you have a lovely blog!
    Angela Harris

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! I live in PA and we had wacky weather lately, too. Ugh - Spring canNOT come soon enough!


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