Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loss of a great friend!

The Eventually Cottage family suffered a huge loss last evening.

Our buddy and the greatest dog that ever lived passed away.

Brady was a huge part of our family for 7 years, ever since Prince Charming brought him home from the local animal shelter. The Prince went to the shelter that day just to walk some of the dogs, and a great big yellow lab walked right up to him with a Giants football leash in his mouth. That sealed the deal for the Prince, there was no way that this gental giant named Brady by the people at the shelter was NOT coming home with him on that day!

This big yellow guy fit right in with the family and soon became a friend to everyone that met him.

For the last few weeks, the big guy has been having a lot of trouble getting around. A couple of days ago, we noticed that his belly seemed to be distended and he had lost his appetite. The Prince and I took him to see the vet yesterday afternoon. The news was grim. The vet felt that Brady most likely had cancer, and that he was losing blood, probably a tumor that had ruptured in his belly, filling his belly with blood. At the age of 14, the vet did not feel that our big guy would be able to survive the emergency surgery that would have to be done. It was with a very heavy heart that the Prince and I decided that it wouldn't be fair to put our buddy through anything more and would have to say goodbye.

Goodbye, Brady... you were the best buddy ever... always the happiest one to see me come home from work... always by my side helping me in the garden... always at my feet as I cook in the kitchen. You will forever be missed, buddy!!!!


  1. Oh! I am so sorry for you. I have a 14 year
    old blue eyed Dalmatian and he is so close to me . The vet said he is getting old . Like I can't see it.. He is my age in dog years. I'm 73 and we both have aches.. I don't know how I will be when he goes. They will go to dog Heaven..I hope.
    First visit..

  2. {{{hugs}}}
    from the mom of an elderly 4 legged pup I am sitting here teary eyed for you!

  3. I am sending my love and hugs to you and your family. Smart dog he was (giants leash).

  4. Oh -- I'm so sorry! We lost our last Basset the same way -- we now have to little rescued mixed breeds -- but boy did I mourn that little man! We had to put him down that year in October and by February I told my husband that if I didn't get a dog I was going to have to see a shrink and get some meds. That tail wagging at the door when you come home is what I missed the most. I know that your friend will be forever missed, but what a good life you gave him -- you were a blessing for each other.

  5. So sorry.
    We have 2 labs in our house that are growing older, and watching them slow down is breaking my heart. Sending you warm thoughts, and peace. So glad that 'all dogs go to Heaven'.

    Sorry for the loss of your furry friend.

  6. Oh-I'm sorry for your loss it's so sad and so hard to go thru, he is in a better place.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. We're never ready to say goodbye.

  8. Please accept my condolences . . . I am clutching you to my ample bosom.


  9. This is my first visit to your blog. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Knowing you gave him a great life, home and alot of love should comfort you. They are so much like one of the family....I know.

  10. I am crying right now for your terrible loss. Dogs are the BEST!!! Will be praying for you.


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