Friday, November 6, 2009

Making a Comeback!!!

Hey there!!! How have you all been????

I want to apologize for not being around for the past month and a half or so. The Prince and I have been going through some personal stuff since August and have been working very hard to get through it. With all of that, I haven't had the time or the energy for much else.

To all of you who have stuck around waiting for my next post... THANK YOU!!!!!! It means the world to me!!!

To those of you that I have lost while I've been gone... I'll win you back, I promise!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great fall!!!! I've been checking in every so often and there is some real fabulousness going on out there!!!!

I still owe two of you giveaway prizes... I haven't forgotten about you. Your packages will be mailed out next week, with a little surprise in them!!!!

I have tons of great things coming up so stay tuned!



  1. Oh yes, we have ALL been there! Bless your heart for opening up to your blog friends like that. Hope things get better and remember, this too shall pass.

  2. Hi Dawn!
    I haven't forgotten about you and I've been hoping you'd show up again soon! I'm sorry for the tough times you've been having. Hang in there! So glad to see you again!


  3. Nice to see you back! Sorry things have been tough, hope they get better soon!

  4. Welcome back! I was wondering where you went. Hope all is well now, glad to see you!

  5. Glad you're back -- hope good things are in store for you and your prince.

  6. Glad you are back and hope all is well now!

  7. Welcome Back, sure have missed you. Hope everything is better. By the way love that sign!

  8. We missed you! Hope everything is going well now!

  9. Hang in there, and I am glad you are back!



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