Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hobby Lobby L*O*V*E

OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!

Ladies, I had my very first trip to Hobby Lobby recently! Yes, very first! Until last month, Hobby Lobby didn't exist in my area here in NY.

There is only one word that will describe my feelings for this store... LOVE!!!!

Seriously, I felt like a little kid in a candy store or on Christmas morning!!!

I had heard that it was like Michaels on steroids, but I had no idea!!!!

I don't think the smile left my face the entire time I was in there, and I don't think there is one inch of that store that I didn't visit.

I tried to use a little restraint and not buy everything that I saw. Hee hee! Below is a pic of the things that I did buy.

This scrapbook paper is like none that I've seen before... beautiful! I've been searching for black and white toile scrapbook paper for months and found it!!!

Can't wait to get started on some projects with this paper!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, if you have a Hobby Lobby in your area... don't walk, RUN there NOW!!!!


  1. Great to have you back, I was really wondering about you and hoping you were okay. :)

    I am headed to Hobby Lobby today, hope I can find some BARGAINS!!!!

  2. I too recently discovered the utter bliss that is Hobby Lobby here in our little section of NYS. How funny. Apparently Hobby Lobby is taking NY by storm!

    P.S. Isn't their scrapbook section amazing?! No joke, I could spend hours just looking at and touching all of the goodies in there. ;)

  3. Hobby Lobby is crack for crafters. Seriously. Now, you must understand a few things about HobLob since you are a newbie...Numero Uno, if it's not on sale {as in 50% off!! Yes, I did type 50% off!! :)} this week, it WILL be next week. So restrain yourself and just wait. Because trust me, it WILL go on sale. And Numero Two-o, if you absolutely MUST have it "THIS" week, you should not do so without using a 40% off coupon {available at}. You can also sign-up to be on their email list serve to receive their weekly ads and coupon. You may only use the coupon if the item is not on sale and you can only use one per day...but it's not against the rules to send a child through the line with a coupon too. Not that I would ever use my niece to support my crack habit, but I'm just sayin'. Welcome to the addiction my friend! :)

  4. Dawn, there are two in my area, but I still have to drive a long ways to get to them. But it's well worth it! I have that same paper you have pictured on top. I really like the framed monogram. I hope to go this coming week.


  5. Yes, much better scrap book paper selections than Michael's has. I can only say you've given me hope that there will be a Hobby Lobby maybe coming down Long Island way then, Dawn! They do seem to have so much more than Michael's from what I've seen other bloggers post. I love your initial project, btw!

  6. I am so sad, we don't have a Hobby Lobby in the Seattle area. I love everything you picked up - looks like a much better selection than Michaels.



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