Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crowning Glory Tutorial!!!!

I've been busy getting my craft on lately!

I recently made this little crown plaque that I'm calling "Crowning Glory."

I've received a lot of great feedback on it, so I thought I'd do my first tutorial for you.

I'm also linking up to Kimba's DIY Day... head over there and check things out!

I started with a piece of 1/4" mdf that the Prince cut for me into a 5" x 4" size, some fabulous black and cream harlequin scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, and a small crown that I found at Michaels a while back.

I used Mod Podge and a sponge brush to apply the paper to the mdf. I know that everyone has their own tried and true methods with Mod Podge, but I find that what works best for me is to apply it in a very thin layer, put down the paper, flatten it out, and then just leave it alone to dry.

I spray painted the crown with Heirloom White, of course.

Once the crown was dry, I wanted to add a little antiqueing. I whipped out my Maple Stain and added some to the edges of the crown.

I added it a little heavy though (see pic below).

I wasn't happy with the amount of antiqueing, so I lightly sprayed more Heirloom White on the crown. This time I used a small paintbrush to added a little stain to the sanded edges of the crown, and quickly wiped it off. Much better now. I also added some stain to the edges of the plaque and wiped it off with a damp cloth to get the effect I wanted.

Tools of the trade- the maple stain that I found at Walmart, and of course Gorilla Glue to add the crown to the plaque.

The Prince drilled a couple of holes at the top, and I added some black ribbon to hang the plaque and TA DA!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial and that you have a ton of fun trying it! Share this idea with your friends and if you do try it, let me know cuz I'd love to see the finished product!!!!


  1. That is so neat! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Love tutorials! I'll have to give this one a try.


  2. Very nice. I think I will try one, I'll let ya know how it turns out!

  3. Love this idea. I am thrilled when I find things that look great and look easy enough for me to do.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Great project and thanks for the tutorial!


  5. Great project! May have to make me one too!

  6. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial. If I can ever find harlequin paper here, I'd go wild with projects. Unfortunately, we don't have a Hobby Lobby here, and Michael's and Walmart don't have this pattern for some reason.


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