Friday, August 14, 2009

Upcoming Fabulousness!!!

First off, I'd like to thank you guys for the sweet comments and well wishes on my new niece! We have sooo been enjoying that little bundle of joy!

Second, I'd like to apologize for not being around much lately. Between having issues with Blogger and Internet Explorer (is anyone else having trouble?), the fun of summer, and baby love, I haven't been posting as I usually do. Many of you know that I have been checking in with you and your blogs, though! There is some real fabulousness going on out there!!!

Last, but definately not least... stop over on Sunday because I have a Double The Fun Giveaway to announce! What do I mean by Double The Fun? Well... I actually have 2, yup 2 giveaways for ya'll!!!

Giveaway #1: Will be perfect for all of you scrapbookers! School will be in session soon, if it isn't already, and you will have tons of back to school pics, pumpkin and apple picking pics, so you will LOVE this!!!

Giveaway #2: Will be the perfect head start to Fall nesting.

Stop back on Sunday!!!


I loove me some comments! Hugs!