Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goings on at the Cottage!

Woo-wee! It's been a busy weekend here at Eventually Cottage! I hope you all had a great weekend and a great 4th of July!

I've got a lot of pictures to show off, so I hope you'll bear with me!

We attended a nice 4th of July parade yesterday. Josie and her Aunt Becky had a great time! My SIL is due 7/27, but the doctor says she's already dilating and that little baby Madeline will probably make an early appearance!!! I'll keep you all posted!

This woman is just awesome! She has been twirling her batons since I was a little girl!

Look who showed up in the parade! Herbie the Love Bug!!! Sooo cute, right?

This is that fire engine that I drive, that I was telling you all about the other day! Hubby and I volunteer with this engine company! Just for the record, I volunteered for years before hubby!

Hubby and I busted out some home improvement projects today! Unbelievable how much we actually got done!

I have been wanting to tackle my bathroom door ever since I saw this project that Michelle did over at From House to Home.

I forgot to take a before picture until hubby reminded me. He was halfway through putting moulding on the door when he reminded me. Here's the before.

And the after! Hubby added some great moulding, and I painted the inside of the moulding the same color as the kitchen and breakfast room (Brown Tee-Pee from Behr).
I then added a pretty stamp in white. I still like Michelle's version much better, but this is nice too. I'm going to head out tomorrow and look for some metal accent pieces for in the middle of the stamps.

The doorknob was that brass color that you see just about everywhere. Hubby spray painted it oil rubbed bronze. I love it!!!

The lantern on our front porch was also brass colored. Yuck in my opinion. Hubby took it down and spray painted it the same oil rubbed bronze.

Much better now!!!

I had showed you this trio of frames pieces that I created with my Cricut a few months ago. However, everytime someone slammed the bathroom door, they'd come flying off the wall. (With a pre-teen girl in the house, that door gets slammed quite often!)

So...I did away with the frames (cuz there was no more glass left in the frames) and mod podged the paper onto a piece of wood that I spray painted black. Hah! No more glass to break, guys!!!

Woo! Thanks for hangin' in there with me! Stop over at Between Naps on the Porch for more Met Monday posts!


  1. What a fun 4th and the parade looked like so much fun. YOur projects are awesome. I really love the pictures, but the door is just awesome. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great projects! Wahoo, nothing like DIY progress!


  3. Dawn, you WERE busy! Love the bathroom door, and the light fixture looks so much better. The "Before" is pretty identical to what ours looks like!! Did the glass come out? Did you have to do anything special to the door knobs to paint them??

  4. Dawn, great redos - and spray painting the outdoor fixture was a fab idea! Linda

  5. Hi Dawn,
    You really did great work! I just adore the beautiful artwork painted black.
    Good idea for the lovely fixture too.

    ~Happy MM! ~Melissa :)

  6. Great idea to change the color of the brass! They look great now.


  7. Some great projects. Yes - I remember those days with a teen girl in the home. :)

  8. Awesome projects! Love that door!

  9. Great transformations... I think I would like to change my garage door lights... Thanks for the inspiration!
    I hope you have a fabulous week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  10. I really liked how those turned out! The door, the lantern and the art work. You've been busy. :)

  11. You have been a busy, busy girl! I love the molding on the door. My house is chock full of horrible hollow core doors and I love this!
    Great job!

  12. Hello Dawn - love your transformations! Especially that door. So fabulous! Thank you for sharing.


  13. Very nice! I have pretty much that same outdoor lamp. Eighties stuff. Hate it!

  14. Very nice. I also had problems with slamming doors...I had a couple of ways of dealing with it...I could take the doors off the hinges (my mom's trick and it worked) OR you can stand there and open and close that door 20 times...quietly. I think I need to break that little trick out again, but that worked beautifully too.

  15. Just found your blog through Notes of Sincerity! LOVE the "Buckaroo" sign!

  16. I love your projects. My fav is the door! Very cute!


  17. Great projects!Love the porch light a lot! Good job!

  18. What great projects! (Although I almost thought you were telling us you had painted the bathroom door "Brown Pee-Pee" color --- oh my. Better put my reading glasses on when i am at the computer.

    Great idea on decoupaging the papers onto the wood; much safer.
    Lovely post-- Cass

  19. Dawn, sounds like you had such a fun weekend! good for you, we all need to just get out and have some good laughs and good fun. I absolutely LOVE your makeovers, everything looks FANTASTIC!!

  20. ahhhh i wish we wouldve gone to a local parade. They were some of the funnest times that i recall as a child.

    thanks so much for sharing and memory recalling.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  21. You have been busy! Love the light fixture makeover - it looks like new. Love the art and your door looks pretty! Great makeovers!


  22. Great projects! I'm cracking up about your hubby reminding you to take a before pic, too cute. Isn't it funny how they get all into the blog too? Not that they would admit it! The door looks great! I'm wondering if I should just spray paint my brass doorknobs. We've been talking about replacing them forever but there they sit.

  23. I haven't tried the rubbed bronze spray paint yet, but I'm going to. Your light looks so pretty now!

  24. I love how the spray paint just transformed the light fixture. So pretty! :)

  25. Your redo of your cricut project looks great.

    Give away going on


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