Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of School Year Hectic-ness!

School ends here next week, so this weeks means the dreaded FINALS! Ahhh! I can so remember how stressed out finals made me when I was still in school!

Josie and her BFF (: went straight to the BFF's house after school yesterday for a last minute cram session for their Social Studies final today. Josie came home about 7:00 last night and was totally stressing out about today's exam. I studied with her until about 9:00, then I took the study materials away from her and told her she needed to just chill out and get some rest otherwise she was going to fry her brain.

You see, my children are very different. George picks things up very easily, exams are no big deal for him. He breezes through them without hardly studying at all. Josie on the other hand, studies her little heart out in order to get the grades that she gets.

Josie was mortified when she came home last night and found out that George was out fishing with Dad instead of home studying like her.

Today, Josie has a 1/2 day. She and the BFF will come here after school to do more studying for tomorrow's math exam. I will let them study for a time today, but then I will probably insist that they take a break to swim in the pool for a while. After dinner, they will pay a visit to my SIL, Becky's, house and she will give them a last minute tutoring session in math.

I just feel awful that these little 12 yr. old girls have to stress so much over these exams. I remember going crazy over exams, but not until high school. I think there is a lot of pressure on our kids today, and at earlier and earlier ages.

Good luck, baby girl! You can do it!


  1. Hope she does well, I am sure she will! My oldest 2 have finals this week too, my daughter is stressing over her regents exams. I think these exams stress us out just as much!

  2. Hope she does well! Our kids are done with school, for 2 weeks now. Enjoy your day!

  3. I am sad to hear things are so tough for her. As a teacher I hate to see kids put so much pressure on themselves, especially at a young age. I hope she feels good about her studies and does not look back at this with ugly memories!! Cheer her on!

  4. That is cool your daughters name is Josie, that is my sisters name :o)

  5. Hey Hillary. Josie isn't really her name, it's what I've called her since she was a baby. I call my son George, but that's not his name either. LOL!

  6. Awww I see.I almost never hear my sisters name used, so when I saw you were calling her that I thought it was pretty cool.

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