Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Princess' Thrones

My adorably pregnant SIL will be having her first Baby Shower this Saturday. Her mother and cousin are giving her a double shower. I say double because my SIL's older sister is also expecting a baby girl this summer! Actually just 3 weeks after my SIL is due!

I always think it's special to make some of the gifts that I give. Above is Princess Madeline's throne! I *heart* it so much!!!

This is the side view of Princess Madeline's throne. See the little M's in the middle of the flower? CUTE!

This one is for my SIL's sister. She and her hubby were sure they were having a baby boy until recently. They have not yet chosen a name for their little Princess.

This is the side view of their little Princess' throne!

My Mom and I will be giving SIL a second shower on June 6th at a cute little restaurant in town. I can't wait!!!

***UPDATE***We attended SIL's shower today and the "thrones" were a huge hit!!!! I'm so glad! I am also now offering them in my new Etsy Store (see the banner on the left).

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  1. precious little thrones!! have fun!


  2. What a cute idea! It looks wonderful-


  3. Lovely gifts straight from your heart, they are sure to love them!!

  4. Looks so pretty! I'm sure they are going to love opening them and the little ones will love them in their rooms!!

  5. Beautiful!! I love your stools, they are all so wonderful! Handmade gifts are the best and mean so much more!!!

  6. These are beyond adorable ...I love them!

    Also, just wanted to let you know that when I clicked on your link it didn't bring me here, it took me to your living room reveal post. I did a blog search to find this one...just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks for coming to my party!


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