Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I think I messed up my post for the Craft it Forward from Caldwell's Cuties that I'm participating in!

I thought that by signing up, I just payed it forward to my first 3 posters, and that's it.

Not really a big deal, as I really love these pay it forwards! I just want to make sure that I clear things up for you guys.

Here are the official rules (thanks to Kim):

1) Be one of the first THREE bloggers to comment on this post.
2) You then agree to share your snail mail address with ME (leave me your e-mail in the comment and I'll contact you) so I can send you a small gift handmade by ME!
3) When you receive your gift, you then blog about this game & link back to my blog in that post.
4) And most importantly, you ALSO AGREE to "craft it forward" (or just pay it forward if you'd rather) and send a small gift to the 3 people who comment on your blog post...

Sooo, to the first 3 posters to comment on my post from yesterday about the Craft it Forward, if you are not interested in participating I understand. Just let me know via e-mail. If that's the case, I will post here again and open it up to new posters.

Sorry for the confusion, I'm still learning this stuff. Thanks, guys!


  1. I am still okay with it! Would you mind emailing me at and I will send you my snail mail address? Yeah! So exciting!

  2. Sorry about the confusion. I hope the rules made sense and you get to Craft it forward. Have a good day!

  3. I'm still up for it! I have been thinking about what I can make to Craft it Forward!

  4. Yay! So, we're on! I'm hard at work on your "prizes"!!!


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