Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Re-do One Room at a Time

Ok, so Shortmama has issued a challenge. Each month she will announce a different room to do a re-do of. It can be a big re-do or a small re-do. One of the rules is that you need to take pics of your room as is, no fluffing to start off. Yikes!!!

I figured that if my friend Xazmin can do it I can do it. So, I'm keepin it real here folks. Above is a pic of my "entry way." Not much of an entry way, but remember Eventually Cottage is tiny!

This is what it, unfortunately, looks like most of the time. Everyone kicks off their shoes as they enter the house, and most of the time that is where they stay unless I either pick them up or start yelling. You'll also see George's backpack, and my shopping bags there. Great decor items, huh?

I'd like to figure out how to keep this area free of all this stuff.

Next is the only window in our family room (it's really a living room, because we only have one such room in the cottage, but I think that family room sounds much more romantic... so there you have it). I took down the valance a couple of weeks ago to lighten up the space. I like the look and the feel of the sheers, but it's a little boring, so I need to figure out how to change it up a bit.

And, this is what it usually looks like in the area of our sofa. Brady's favorite spot in the house to lie down. I think it's because that's the kitchen just beyond him, so he gets to food faster than little Abby who is in her usual spot. She always lies at my feet as I sit on the sofa blogging to y'all!

And, there's my blogging spot. Gorgeous isn't it? Again, just keepin it real!

These are the little shelves above the "ugly chair," which you'll see in a minute. I despirately want to change out the decor on these shelves. Any suggestions y'all have would be great!

This folks is the "ugly chair!" I'm sure you can see why we call it that. The cushions are way too mushy. Which makes it the most comfortable seat in the house and the one that hubby and the kiddos always fight over, but it's UGLY!!! Not much I can do about it, though. It's here to stay.

One last pic, so the torture is almost over! This is the corner next to our sofa. I have a basket filled with books, and magazines, and then a basket for the laptops and accessories. I'd love to figure out how to organize it better.
There ya have it y'all! Eventually Cottage in all it's glory! I can't believe I showed you guys these pics. Stay tuned, though, because I have 1 month according to the challenge to make the changes that I want to make.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Not bad at all! In fact, I think it looks very homey and cozy, a great place to sit back and relax. We all need a space like that!

  2. So glad you showed how most of us live and what our rooms really look like. I can't wait to see the transformation. Hugs, Marty

  3. Thank you so much for joining in! I think your living room looks great to start so it will be interesting to see the changes at the end of the month. I adore that trunk that your computer is on. For your entry, what if you put a decorative type hook up for any backpacks, and maybe a small shoe rack for the shoes to be? That way you dont have to pick them up or yell hehe.

  4. What about one of those "Surefit" slip covers for your chair? I saw it on Nate's "thrifty" redo of one couple's house, and it looked so fab!

  5. This is going to be sooo fun!!! Have a great Saturday!!

  6. What if you had cute bins, or baskets by your entry where people could toss their shoes and bags? Or a basket for the shoes and hooks like Shortmama suggested for bags?

    For your curtains, I love this look and maybe you could add a topper like in this post?

    I don't think your chair is ugly...I think it looks sooo comfy!

    Last, on the little shelves, are you wanting to change what is ON them, or actually change the shelves for something else?

    I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. This will be fun to watch. Ya know, you inspired me to do some crafty things. I got those silver trays at Dollar Tree today. I also went to Michael's and got wall words/whatever you call them. I'm going to put them on the trays. I also got a small white plate at Walmart ($1.25!) and I'm going to monogram it. You know where I can find a cloche? I looked at two different Michael's and couldn't find one! I'll be waiting to see the "after" pics!


  8. You guys are so sweet! I'm still mortified that I even showed these pics!

    Ok, so here are the plans so far:

    I noticed that there is a lot of green goin on in there, so I got some great fabric and I'm going to recover some of the pillows.

    I'm going to add some hooks by the door for backpacks, etc.

    The shoes are supposed to go in the trunk that we use as a coffee table. It's such a long trip from the door to the trunk as you can see (wink, wink). I'm just going to have to train the kiddos and hubby to put their shoes in the trunk.

    The little shelves, I'm looking for a change. I really like the shelves as they are the match to the larger mantle shelf over the sofa, but need to update what's on them.

    The curtains, still not sure. But I wanted to say that I know they are a little short, it's because we have electric heat (grrr!), and fabric can't get anywhere near it.

    Keep the suggestions coming gals!!!

  9. Hi Dawn-I was also thinking a pegboard or hooks by the front door and a shoe basket. The room does look very cozy! Maybe some color on your little shelves? You could find some vintage artwork for free on a few sites- print it out, and frame it in an inexpensive frame and put it right over one of the shelves. Then maybe a pretty plate over the other? Just some suggestions... The dogs are too cute! Mine would be right across the couch too.


  10. Good luck! I can't wait to see the changes that you make.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  11. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for coming to my site. I love that you are doing this challenge. I am all about room make overs!

    I love your little shelves, I think a way to change things up would be to make a grouping with the shelving and some other art work, take some colors from your rug --- it is a great inspiration piece. Add that color with a few little books, a small vase with some flowers, or a little grean plant.

    When you make a grouping you it is nice to put a variety of items together, framed photos or art along with the shelves and some of the metal art pieces you have. Check out the posts that I have on focal points, it may give you some ideas.

    Also if you add a throw blanket and a couple of toss pillows to the "ugly" chair you will be amazed at how much better it will look. It is good to take colors from the rug and use it around the room, (pillows, blanket, books, accessories). It pulls the room together.

    So fun! I can't wait to see the after pictures.


  12. I love the little table and free makes it even better. Thanks for coming by my blog to visit. Come again anytime. Debbie

  13. I have a strong feeling we will hardly know this room when you are through. Pillows...Imagine Cozy is so right. Actually I might just have too many. Do you think that could be possible? My silly family does!! :)


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