Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey Amanda!

Hey there Amanda from Serenity Now! I hope you are having a very Happy Mother's Day (that goes for all of you Moms out there, too)!

This is what will be heading your way later this week!

These are the pics of what I created for my Dollar Store Challenge! I was so anxious to get started that I didn't take before pics. Sorry about that!

These cuties started life as a standard document frame that was brown, and one of those plaques that you've seen me use before and have seen all around bloggyland.

With some chalkboard paint, scrapbook paper that I had on hand and my trusty dusty Cricut, this is the end product!

This is a closer picture of the framed monogram for Amanda! Sorry about the blurry pictures, not sure what's going on with my camera!

Amanda, I hope you love these guys!


  1. I LOVE it!!! :) So creative!!!! I'm totally not just saying this b/c I won, but I am more than a little bit inspired. ;) Something like that would make an awesome Christmas gift. :)

  2. I'm so glad you like it! I'm even happier that I've inspired you!!!

  3. That is very creative and just adorable. How did you ever think to do that??

  4. Yay, exciting, and how fun! That's very nice!


  5. wow, very nice, you are soooooooo creative!!!

  6. I love it! So pretty! What exactly is a cricut? I'd love to make these as gifts for the family next holiday season!

  7. A Cricut is an amazingly, awesome, ingenious machine that cuts things, like a die-cut machine. Can you tell that I love mine?

  8. Oh~ I SOOooo NEED a Cricut!! Very nice project!

  9. Oh how fun,wish I would have found your blog sooner so I could have joined in the dollar store challenge.oh well,maybe next time! Love your blog!

  10. Love it! I totally am inspired to copy you for my entry wall table. I've been looking for inspiration and I found it here. Thanks for the amazing Idea (you get a big I for having such awesome ideaness)!

  11. What a great project. I love the T family frame! You could use that for Heidis craft challenge this year.

    I am glad you stopped by my blog and are participating in the craft it forward. Looking forward to getting something special in the mail for you!



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