Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grab My Button!

Ok, so after much trial and error (more error than trial), I've created a button for my blog that you can grab and put on your blog!

With tons of thanks to Amanda from Family of Shorts (see her button on my sidebar)!!! She was very patient and helpful to me!!!

So, if you decide to "grab my button," THANKS!!!!


  1. Ooooh!! I LOVE getting new buttons! I want one too. I'll have to try and figure it out one of these days. It's a great button by the way! Thanks Dawn!

  2. Yay it worked!!!! So glad to be of help. Dont forget to come by on Friday to check out what the new room for the home redo challenge is. Love your button, it is so cute!

  3. Oh I love the button, too! It sounds like it was a difficult feat!

    so now that you're an expert, will you share your technique??? :)

  4. Southerninspiration- check out this

    Between this post and help from Amanda, I got it done!

  5. Okay, I went to the site and found it a bit too complicated. But I love your button. I may have my daughter help me out!!!


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