Friday, April 10, 2009

I have...

Sarah at Thrify Decor Chick has a really great post today. It's a list of things that she has done. I thought it would be interesting to do my own list.

I have been blogging for 2 months now... and am addicted to it!

I have fallen head over heels in love... once in my life (the only time that counted)

I have had my heart broken.

I have given birth twice.

I have had drinks with Dave Chappelle from the Chappelle Show (before he was famous).

I have seen New Kids on the Block live (at the age of 15 and stood on a chair and screamed at the top of my lungs).

I have entered a burning building to fight a fire.

I have done CPR.

I have treated an accident victim that admitted to driving, talking on her cell phone and eating a slice of pizza at the same time.

I have kissed many frogs, and found only one prince.

I have never been "dumped."

I have painted my kitchen 5 different colors in 3 years!

I have found many great bloggy friends in 2 months!

So how about all of you?

Have a great day!


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  1. Love your list of I haves! I have seen NKOTB...once when I was 13, and now as an adult. I think I'm more smitten today than I was back then! I'm going to see them again this summer!



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