Thursday, April 16, 2009


I thought I'd show you all a picture of my modest, humble garden. Try not to be jealous, ladies! It is a labor of love.

Fooled ya! I only wish that was my garden! Gardening is a new hobby for me, one that I've developed over the past 3 years or so.

When we first moved to Eventually Cottage, the only gardens to be seen were rock gardens, with a ton of garden gnomes. I kid you not! My dear mother in law (who we purchased the home from) was not the most talented gardener. The only existing plants in the "gardens" were a huge hydrangea, and a rose bush. I dearly treasure these two original plants in my gardens.

As I mentioned before, the "gardens" were no more than rock gardens. When I say rocks, I mean little white rocks. EVERYWHERE!!!! It took Prince Charming and I a whole weekend to rid the "flower bed" of these horrible little things! Everynow and then I still find one when I'm working in the gardens. I loathe those little white rocks. I know I hide that fact really well, right?

After three years, we've added more hydrangeas (which I love), peonies (a gift from my dear friend, Diane), lillies, spirea, knockout roses, daisies, and a beautiful white weeping cherry tree (in memory of my dear brother). It truely has been a labor of love, and quite the learning experience. While my gardens cannot compare to some that I have seen in bloggyland, I'm very proud of them.

This weekend, I will be out in those gardens, sprucing them up for the season. Time for new compost and mulch. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of what's popping up out there right now.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I know all about those horrible little white rocks. grr.
    Enjoy your time in the garden and fresh air. I just love the smell of freshly rotated dirt, don't you?

  2. I was so jealous there for a minute. To have a garden like that would be great!

  3. would love to see pictures of your garden, they certainly are a labour of love and yes the one you posted is a dream garden. Thanks for stopping by to visit yet another drum its amazing how hand spray paint can be.

  4. Heehee~ My Mom used those same white rocks in a huge part of our yard when I was growing up. Then, of course, the thing was to keep them clean. She put them right under a black walnut tree. What a MESS! I hope you have a blissful time in the dirt. I wish I was there to help!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    It's so nice to meet you!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower.
    I really appreciate it.

    Yours is wonderful and I'll be back to visit you often.

    Oh to have gardens like this picture...what a dream. :)

    ~Have a blessed week.
    `Melissa :)


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