Thursday, April 9, 2009

Front Porch Season

Isn't this porch just beautiful? I don't know about you, but I am sooo looking forward to "Front Porch Season!" While my front porch doesn't look anything like this one, I absolutely love having one.

Once the weather starts to get warm, my kids are usually out in the yard playing on the trampoline or throwing a ball around with some friends. The neighborhood little ones are out with their moms and dads riding their bikes. Neighbors that we may not have seen all winter are out for strolls or walking their dogs. Abby is usually trying to get in the middle of one of the activities going on in the yard. Brady is usually napping at my feet as I sit in one of the wicker chairs while Prince Charming sits in the other with a glass of iced tea in our hands. The flowers are all in bloom, the sun is shining bright.

This is happiness to me. The daffodils are in bloom and I know that my favorite season is just around the corner!

I'd love to hear what you love about this upcoming season!

Hugs from Eventually Cottage!


  1. HI there! Oooo, I love me some front porch! I grew up in a home built in the late 30s and it had a front porch. The memories of sitting there, munching on a popsicle, sticky fingers and faces is more then treasured. When we bought this house it didn't have a porch, but I'm hoping that in a few years we'll be able to add one. It'd sure help in keeping the front part of the house cool when we're dealing with (cough!) Summer. blah! lol! Can you tell I'm not a summer girl? I'm like you. It's SPRING for me. I like your blog and see you are pound puppy momma too!
    Love your post about NYC. I've never been, but my eldest girl will be there in June (she loves it there!)
    Talk to you soon! Enjoy your day!

  2. We have a front and back porch. BUT neither one look as pretty as that one. The back porch is where we hang out and it is nice, but the wind we get over here really takes a toll on what I can put out!!! Enjoyed the picture!!!


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