Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is the only wall of the kitchen that you're going to get to see today. I'm sure you can guess why... yup, it's a mess! The kitchen re-do is going to take little longer, and we are throwing around countertop and cabinets ideas (ok, I am).

This is a window that my neighbor was throwing out. If there is one thing that I absolutely cannot drive by, it's old windows!!! I'm a freak, I know! I painted the panes with chalkboard paint, that Josie has decorated for Valentine's Day.

I have many more old windows in the shed, waiting for projects. Stay tuned!!!


  1. There is no place good to get old windows around here! And I love them!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I love it. Why is everyone in bloggy land so much more clever and creative than me???

  3. You guys rock! Thanks so much for visiting me here, I hope you come back again soon!

    Lorie- I am always on the lookout for old windows. I even shoved a huge one that I bought at a flea market not too far from here in my "flea market" market cart and carted it around the rest of that day. You wouldn't believe the looks I got. Oh well! That one is a future headboard. Stay tuned!

  4. I have been going through your old posts and I am SOOO EXCITED that I found this one as I just got a ton of the neatest old windows ( it was junk week here and ohhh I would be in so much trouble if I had a truck! ) and am looking for different ways to use them and this is an awesome one that I am definately going to try! I just love your blog and all your ideas, your Fabulous!


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